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Here's what I am doing. Lots (and lots) of my creative, entrepreneurial friends have businesses that are affected by this virus shit and many of them have many employees. So I started "stay the fuck inside" brand (after a bunch of people added that tag to my Get The Fuck Out Of Bed tweets) and printed up some shirts to start. Now I've made coffee bags and am delivering those to Dark Matter Coffee for filling with awesome coffee (and we have some here too), I've suggested to a local pizza shop that I can print on their boxes...and another restaurant, INDY CD & Vinyl (who have their own coffee to put in the bags) in Indianapolis, ARTFARM in Decatur, IL an art collective and Imagine Coffee and Donnie's Homespun Pizza down there too. I'm trying to HELP with a little influx of our distilled FUCK! energy and (perhaps more importantly) the knowledge that a bunch of us care. I'm also trying to randomly send people things too, trying to uplift a little here and there and make a difference. Slightly like the opposite of a facebook like or sad face - I'm trying to make the largest difference I can to a small number of people (and of course this can grow with your help and information.

I will give product, bags, packaging or shirts (or whatever we dream up next) - to businesses that we can help. (contact us here!) These efforts will be fueled by profits from these shirts. We also have a hand-screened 'stay the fuck home' shitty poster that I'll happily sign that you can put up somewhere or in your window or your kids' bedroom.
I'm open to ideas, just trying to use this creative energy and show that we don't need to be paralyzed in fear by this. You might say, 'what's the point of buying this shirt if I can't wear it out and upset people?" - well, wearing it on your socials could actually really amplify this message!

Because of my relationship with Gaelynn Lea and the beginning (sorry) of my attempt at understanding how immune-compromised people might feel right now, not to mention the shit I'm hearing about prioritization of medical equipment, we'll also be making a contribution to National Disability Rights Network - who Gaelynn tells me fucking rock!

ALL OF THIS is, of course, conditioned upon our ability to do this safely and distancing ourselves, me doing some printing, Molly dealing with some packages and others in our team, Kevin and Jim being able to put in a lonely socially distanced day making stuff following CDC guidelines closely. If none of this is of particular interest to you and you just need 600+ pages to sink your teeth into, you can download my third book, Band:Smart, for free HERE. Distance will not divide us! Stay safe. Stay Healthy. Stay the Fuck Inside. You are totally awesome and we love you a fuck ton XXX


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