• Image of Fook Re-issue Limited Edition
  • Image of Fook Re-issue Limited Edition
  • Image of Fook Re-issue Limited Edition
  • Image of Fook Re-issue Limited Edition

Pigface - Fook Remastered w/ unreleased tracks.

#21 all time best industrial albums - Pitchfork

Double black vinyl and USB cassette with unreleased pre-versions
two 8x10 promo pics,
poster, tour pass and more.

Pitchfork said " Fook is a singular document of Pigfaces success as a pressure valve for pop-minded, DIY-raised experimenters. Featuring a number of male and female vocalists, Pigface's FOOK somehow seamlessly moves from British pagan folk through frenetic electro hardcore and into the mid-tempo snaking groove chants common to industrial"

"This is the sound of Pigface at their best" Jim Harper - Allmusic

"relentlessly harsh as any other industrialists’." LA Times

meticulously remastered for vinyl

with career defining contributions from:
Martin Atkins - drums
Chris Connelly - vocals
William Tucker – guitar, programming, samples, bass, keyboards,
Paul Raven - bass
Andrew Weiss – bass, programming
Nivek Ogre – vocals, backing vocals
En Esch – guitar, vocals, programming
Mary Byker - vocals
Barbara Hunter - cello
Lesley Rankine - vocals
Fuzz - guitar
Chris Haskett - guitar
Matt Schultz - sounds
Sean Joyce - scratching
Bella Black - backing vocals
David Sims - bass

This double vinyl remastered re-issue comes complete with a reproduction of an advance reference cassette with a date of March 18 1992 which predates the official release by a full 6 months (October 19, 1992)

It contains a preliminary version of the album before the eventual final track list and versions were selected for the consumer release. The songs that are different versions are:

Hips Tits Lips Power, Go, I’m Still Alive, Satellite , Auto Hag (less distortion/better mix), Alle Ist Mine.

In addition Ten Ground and Down (titled “Five” on this tape) has a slightly longer ending and “Cutting Face” never made it on the final album at all. “Seven Words” was titled ‘Speed Metal’ on this tape.

Mike Vinikour (who unearthed this tape) describes it:
“I prefer a couple versions on this tape more but ultimately the commercial Fook release was better. This tape is such a cool time capsule and really showed the diversity of Pigface and what the future could and did offer.”

Producer – Martin Atkins
Engineers – Mark Walk, Andy Reilly, Lee Popa, Keith Auerbach
Assistant engineers – Eric Anderson, Andy Levine, Dino Morelli
Mastering (original)– Jack Skinner
Artwork (original) – Fred Blue
Design and layout (original) - Patrick Siemer

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